Special Guest Post From Sallee’s Sweets

Special Guest Post From Sallee’s Sweets

“You need to charge more for these things!”  Said by one of my hungry customers last summer!  He was right, of course.  Upping the price increased the value of my Pecan Delight Bars.  Don’t undersell your product!  Just one of the lessons I have learned in my short, albeit busy career as an independent small business owner.  Since early adulthood (quite a long time ago) I have enjoyed baking.  I started my business in 2012 and in addition to baked goods I sell hand-made chocolates which – even in the heat of the summer – people really enjoy.


Sallee’s Sweets has only been a presence in Tacoma for 1-1/2 years but in that time, after participating in several farmer’s markets, craft fairs/bazaars, and other miscellaneous events, I know for sure that the one I am most looking forward to during the summer of 2014 is Stadium Fare! Other events have their organizers/coordinators, of course, but THIS group provides MORE than a proverbial drop-box for your booth fee and a collector of percentages of sales.


First, they do not take a percentage.  Second, they always have an abundance of willing helpers for heavy stuff, fetching stuff, and all kinds of other stuff.  Ethan and his son George seemed to always be within earshot for special requests.  Denny and his roving 50/50 contribution box contributed to a festive atmosphere.  The general manager and all around “go-to” person is Nadine Larsson and she is amazing!  She will make you feel welcome from day one, she is always available, and she will take care of you.  Cannot remember all their names but there were at least half-a-dozen more people available to help.


There is entertainment … even more than music!  The tricycle races last year were a hoot!  An adult on a red tricycle is just plain ol’ good fun.


The foot traffic in the Stadium District brings in a lot of shoppers as there are apartments, restaurants, and also shopping  in the immediate area.  There is also plenty of parking directly on site at the church, so your customers have trouble-free access to the Fare.  There are several people who became regular customers last summer and I am definitely looking forward to seeing them again!


Whether it’s wholesale, on the internet, word-of-mouth, or the farmer’s markets, I have learned so much during this adventure, mostly from YOU, my fellow vendors.  I hope you’ll come to Stadium Fare this summer, the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of July, August and September, and enjoy the neighborhood, the vendors, the coordinators, AND our wonderful customers.  See you then.